My PixieBox

Do you have a product in mind that is not in stock! Then read the following.

Due to the unstable prices and unpredictable delivery times, we have looked for another way of offering products, which are not immediately available. We have opted for a PixieBox instead of Pre-orders.

Fill your PixieBox with products you would like to purchase but are not yet available. As soon as you receive an email you can buy at the best price.

What is in your PixieBox is therefore not a direct order, but you are actually indicating that you are interested and want to buy the product if it is available.

We keep a close eye on the number of Pixie wishes and adjust our order with the supplier in time so that there is enough magic for everyone.

By leaving your email address with the product, you will be notified when it is available for ordering.

Maximum 1 month before delivery, we give everyone the opportunity to place an order.

How does it work?

  • Type your email in the bar (if you are logged in it is already there)
  • Tick the GDPR conditions (block)
  • You can send by clicking on the folded plane
  • You will receive an email as soon as it is available for ordering
  • You can order by clicking on the received email or by placing the product in your shopping cart

What's in your PixieBox is NOT an order, so you are not committed to anything!

  • Any discount upon introduction remains valid
  • The base price can be adjusted if the supplier changes the price
  • No advance payments 
  • We will hold your order for a maximum of 1 month for 1 joint shipment


A number of items have a PIXIEBOX price, if you have left your email in the PixieBox you will receive an Email and you can place the order.

If you are no longer interested, simply remove it from your PixieBox

Have questions or need help? You can reach us at

  • by email (response within 24 hours)
  • by phone +31 653739741 (between 10am-10pm)
  • Whatsapp +31 653739741 (between 10am-10pm)

Team NeverlandShop